16 Reasons Why You Should Hire Linview

  1. You have only one property to show. In today's market, properties are usually shown by comparison.
  2. You are not aware of the tastes and requirements of the buyer, nor do you have first hand knowledge of competitive values.
  3. You are probably not familiar with writing a contract that is valid and legal.
  4. The buyer will probably be timid about discussing his financial status with you, and you will likely be similarly reluctant.
  5. You do not have time to help the buyer arrange his financing, home inspection, etc., nor do you have the ready knowledge of reputable professionals in these practices..
  6. You cannot easily negotiate a price with a buyer. Linview's sales associates are trained and experienced to handle the negotiation.
  7. The average potential buyer may not admit freely to you his likes or dislikes, yet these must be brought into the open.
  8. You cannot "follow-up" since this will usually be interpreted as your anxiety to sell in a hurry.
  9. You may make needless outlays to improve your property for selling. Our experience can save you unneccesary expense by giving you advice on what is and isn't important.
  10. You often hear conflicting suggestions from well-meaning friends. We have answers and knowledge based on experience.
  11. You may show your property to several would-be buyers, spend your time, money and effort and eventually pay a commission anyway to a sales associate who brings you a buyer.
  12. You may accept an insincere offer and then spend months in litigation trying to free your property in order to put it back on the market.
  13. You may find buyers' and sellers' personalities conflict, thereby losing a good sale. Linview can diplomatically be the go-between and consummate a successful sale.
  14. Linview can price the property to sell at a fair market value. The average owner over-prices but often accepts a price far below the market price.
  15. "For Sale By Owner" signs or ads really mean "curiosity seekers welcome". Linview can screen the prospective buyer to ensure they are truly interested, and that the property will suit them.
  16. Linview guarantees their work. We only get paid when your property is sold and you have received your proceeds from the sale.