Our Team

Our sales team is made up of unique individuals, each bringing their own strengths and talents to the table to help each other. All of our sales people work in the area where they live. They promote their own community because they believe in it and know what is available there. Since they enjoy living in their community, they are able to present it to prospective buyers as a great place to live and to raise a family.

In addition, our sales team ranges far and wide around Alberta, seeking out farms and farmland, buyers and sellers, always looking to bring the two sides together in a successful transaction that is a "win" for everyone.

Linview operates a little differently from most real estate companies. New initiatives are brought to the sales team and everyone has a say in what should be done. We understand the importance of people and work hard to keep our sales associates happy. Making them successful makes us successful. It's also vitally important that we are able to work together on projects, therefore we insist that our sales associates are honest and ethical at all times with each other and with the clients and customers. Linview has a threefold cord that binds us together - honesty, integrity and trust.